Saadiyat Beach Golf Club     |     10 - 12 January 2019

Course Guide

Click on each hole below for your guide to the course.



A straight forward starting hole measuring 385 yards for the ladies. Two fairway bunkers flank either side of the fairway, short right and long left to create framing off the tee. The green is slightly elevated with gentle contours collecting approach shots that miss the putting surface to the right while a gentle drop off protects the left side of the green.



A very strategic par 5 that requires a risk-reward decision on the second shot. Players that opt to play right on their second shot over the large fairway bunker are rewarded by a better angle into the green while the alternative play up the left side provides a more challenging approach to the green. The putting surface is protected by two collection areas and a bunker behind the green.



A slightly downhill par 3 requiring a precision approach shot. The green measuring only 15 yards wide and 40 yards deep, club selection will be critical on this fun and underestimated par 3. The back third of the green is protected by two bunkers, creating a very challenging back pin placement.



A more traditional style hole with a series of native grass islands creating a premium on the tee shot. One must choose a yardage and direction to hit the tee shot to set up the approach shot to a narrow green that sits atop a plateau with grass collection areas behind and left of the green. A large bunker protecting the right side of the green also provides a formidable challenge.



A very scenic and challenging par 4 with water and views of the Arabian Gulf being introduced for the first time on the golf course. A large salt water pond defines the left side while subtle contouring frames the right side. Shooting from elevated tees, this visually stunning golf hole will be picturesque. With the putting surface only 3 meters above water level and 15 meters from the beach, you will truly feel the presence of the Arabian Gulf.



A fun and sporty par 3 that plays along the beach. What more could you ask for….playing a golf hole alongside a pristine 9 kilometer beach and experiencing the crystal blue waters of the Arabian Gulf.



Playing away from the Arabian Gulf, this uphill par 4 provides another unique look. The key feature of this hole is the large meandering bunker running up the entire left side, eventually encompassing the entire green complex. Gentle support along the right side helps collect tees shot to the center of the fairway. Accuracy on the approach shot is critical as the green is surrounded by a large bunker that surrounds the green.



A well placed tee shot on this hole will help set up a more receptive approach to the green. A large bunker along the right side of the landing area meanders across the centerline creating a narrower landing area the further a golfer hits their tee shot. The green sits left to right with a bunker guarding the right side of the green, therefore an approach from the left side of the fairway is ideal.



A very challenging par 5 with critical decisions to make on the tee shot as well as the second shot. Bunkers left and right in the landing area provides a “Pinch Point” that narrows down to 20 yards unless a golfer can carry the right bunker. The second shot is framed by a series of elevated bunkers that meander along the right side. Ideal placement of the second shot is to hug the bunkers, providing the best angle into the right-to-left oriented green. A large bunker back left of the green protects the back half of this gently contoured putting surface.



The shortest par 4 on the golf course doesn’t mean it’s the easiest. A large meandering bunker along the left side encroaches into the fairway, providing a risk-reward scenario. The angle of the green entices players to challenge the bunker or even taking a chance to carry the bunker leaving only a short chip shot. A long and narrow green with a deep bunker guarding the right side will require a precise approach shot.



This dogleg right, par 5 will have a dramatic visual presence. A very commanding tee shot with a large fairway bunker along the right side protecting the golf hole from players trying to cut the corner. The green is protected by bunkers guarding the left side while a land form on the right collects shots towards the green.



A slightly downhill par 3 measuring 195 yards encourages a right to left shot with contours helping this type of approach shot. A series of three climbing bunkers guard the left side of the green while bold landforms surround the green complex to help frame and create visual interest.



Playing into the prevailing wind, this par 4 provides an interesting challenge as a large bunker runs from the tees all the way through the landing area. Using the contours along the right side will help collect shots to the center of the fairway which will be valuable on windy days. Placing the tee shot down the left side will allow a better visual awareness of the green complex and pin position. The further away from the fairway bunker you play the more blind the approach shot becomes…..strategy begins on the tee shot!



Another challenging tee shot that promotes a left to right shape to maximize the fairway contours. The length of the tee shot will benefit the approach shot to this very shallow green. Very interesting and demanding green contours will require extreme accuracy, thus encouraging a shorter iron into the green.



A very interesting and tactical par 5 with water playing a key feature throughout this golf hole. Accuracy is a must as a large bunker frames the right while water runs up the left and across the centerline, eventually finishing right of the green. The second and approach shots require extreme accuracy as water and bunkers frame either side of the fairway and green. Definitely one of the most visually stunning and challenging holes on the golf course.



A fairly straight forward par 4 with length being the main challenge. Playing into the prevailing wind, this slightly downhill hole provides magnificent views of the Arabian Gulf. A large bunker on the right side frames the landing area while gentle support running down the left side will help feed balls back into the fairway. The approach shot is slightly downhill with stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.



This shortest par 3 on the golf course experiences the pristine beach environment. The beach sand gradually meanders into the golf hole as a bunker defining the right side with a small pot bunker left of the green balancing the visual presence of this unbelievable stunning golf hole. Wind is definitely a factor when trying to hit this very narrow target, thus accuracy is essential to have a chance at birdie.



A wonderful finishing hole, requiring accuracy off the tee and approach shot. A left to right tee shot is ideal as a large bunker frames the left side and a carefully positioned lake on the right adding to the challenge. A narrow landing area also provides a strategic value to this finishing hole. The green design will command a very precise approach shot as water protects the right half of the green while a well-placed collection area short or the green will gather balls landing on the front edge of the putting surface. This hole may seem very understated, but it will yield few birdies!